About Clifton Village...

The last battle on English soil occurred in the village of Clifton.

Clifton Moor was a battlefield on 18th December 1745, the last time the two armies clashed on English soil.

It was here that the Duke of Cumberland's army caught up with Bonnie Prince Charlie's Highlanders on their retreat from Derby. The battle lasted around half an hour and about a dozen men were killed on each side. The '45 Jacobite uprising ended with the 'Battle of Culloden' four months later.

The Rebel Tree located to the south of the George and Dragon pub marks the burial place of Jacobite soldiers killed on Clifton Moor. 

Other sites of interest in Clifton include:

The Pele Tower / Clifton Hall

This is located at the North end of the village and is a remnant of the old Clifton Hall,

and a reminder of the days of Scots raids from over the border 30 miles away.

St Cuthberts Church

This dates from medieval times and the churchyard gas a memorial to the troopers of

Bland's Regiment who fell on Clifton Moor in 1745.

Ivy Cottage

This is the possible birthplace of Henry Bloom Noble (1816-1903), the Isle of Man's

leading Victorian business man (founder of Noble's IOM Hospital, etc...)

Parkgate & Whitrigg House

Was the early 19th century hime of the brothers David & William Workman, leading pioneers 

of the American West. David employed the young Kit Carson, and William owned Alcatraz Island.

Whitrigg House is now an award winning B&B.


Methodist Chapel

Opened in 1885 as a Wesleyan place of worship. Sold in 1986 & is now a private house.

Kelter Well

This is located opposite Cumberland Close next to the main A6 road.

It is a memorial to the Battle of Clifton Moor.

The 'George & Dragon'

Has been around for 200 years. It was updated in the 1980's and underwent major redevelopment in 2008. It is now an award winning 'Country Inn', Restaurant & Bar.


Townend Cottage

This is where the Duke of Cumberland stayed the night after the battle. 

Nearby is the 18th century hime of noted Quaker clockmaker John Whitfield.

This information is taken from the information boards which can be find around the village.